Our Logo-標誌

Companies and organizations often use logos, trademarks, totems, and signs to characterize their mission or symbolize their principles.

logoThe logo of the Hope School Foundation was designed with the following ideals and thoughts in mind:

“Ears of Wheat”—fragrant and abundant kernels, symbolizing growth opportunity and hope.

“Dove”—tender and gentle, symbolizing peace and fraternity.

(The Dove, flying westward, is carrying our compassion and love across the Pacific Ocean to mainland China.)

The three colors of red, blue and green represent, respectively:

Red”—hot as fire, passionate and emancipating; represents sacrifice and dedication.

Blue”—deep and profound as the ocean, immense, enduring, inclusive and magnanimous, represents benevolence and munificence.

Green”—tranquil as a forest, flourishing and prosperous; represents joy and good fortune.