All funding requests undergo a thorough review process by the Foundation. Based on the needs of each application, The Overseas-Chinese Affairs Office of Nanyang Goverment in Henan Province, P.R.C. will conduct a site visit and collect pertinent data such as school construction permit from government, estimates of construction cost, supplies, manpower, and building blueprints. The officers on duty will then compile a report and submit it to the Hope School Foundation in United States either by fax or email. Upon approval from the Board of Directors, allocated funds will be wired directly to a designated account of a local bank in China. This account should be pre-approved by all parties involved to ensure fiscal integrity and to prevent improper financial operation.

It is the belief of the Board that in order to optimize the service area and the number of children receiving benefits, the responsibility of school facility construction should not be carried single-handedly by those in the United States. Local government, civic leaders, and villagers should all share and contribute. As the Chinese proverb said: "Those who help themselves will receive assistance from others." By working together, we can expedite the whole process. The end result and the product of such collaboration will be cherished and highly valued by everyone involved. After consultation, the above concept of a three-leg partnership, namely, the Hope School Foundation, local government and the villagers, has been accepted and endorsed by the Chinese. However, should the villagers of a particular area have undue financial hardship; the Hope School Foundation will be willing to contribute additional financial support upon verification of such a need.

Regarding the scholarship allocation, the evaluation will be handled by the school teachers. They will evaluate the needs of all applicants and establish a priority list based on needs. The list should be approved by the officers of the Overseas-Chinese Affairs Office of Nanyang Goverment in China first, and then submitted to the Board for final determination. Upon approval, scholarship funds will be wired to the same bank mentioned above. Funds will be distributed to the selected students at the beginning of each semester.

For the sake of long term benefits for all students involved, the concept of one-on-one sponsorship for needy students is encouraged. We will recruit overseas sponsors and provide them with proper channels to communicate with the child directly. This will not only improve the mutual understanding between the sponsor and the student, but also foster trust and build a good bonding between the two parties. We believe this relationship can further strengthen the healthy outlook of these students. Those poor children will realize that they live in a world full of hope and love, and their future is promising. Simultaneously, the words of encouragement and guidance from the sponsors will certainly enhance the children social skills and academic achievements.

For the sponsors, they will receive even a greater benefit. The feelings of being able to lend a helping hand to less fortunate children give them a sense of self-fulfillment. It grants them an opportunity to appreciate the blessings they have and bring true happiness. This feeling of satisfaction is priceless and irreplaceable. This is the true significance of life.

Your acts of love light up the poor children's lives!


School Class

Annual Tuition Financial Supports

High School

US $220.00

先由中國地方政府僑務辦公室〈以下簡穪僑辦〉根據當地需要,經實地勘察屬實後,作成報告並彙集經該地有關機關核定之學校修建校舍申請書、所需材料、人工估算 書及設計施工圖,以傳真或電子邮件方式傳送美國愛心助學基金會。經董事會開會審核決議後,以電滙方式將核准之金額款項滙至僑辦所指定的中國銀行帳戶。為了 防微杜漸、避免弊端,該銀行帳戶設定為專款專用,不得任意挪作他用,僑辦負有嚴格監督之責,以確保該捐款按本會要求使用。

幾經本會討論斟酌,咸認為了擴大服務範圍和幚助更多孩童,修建學校不應單單只是美方的責任。而且「自助人助,自重人重。」當地政府、領導幹部、學校本身、以 及村民群眾,多多少少也應該盡一份心力才對。這樣大家辦起事來也比較快速順利,而且多了份參與,對建成的校舍也會更加珍惜和愛護。經過多次交涉溝通,中方 終於接受此一構想,由三方各出一份力。但如果學校或村民確實有困難,經察證屬實後,則美方願意多付。爾後“愛心小學”的籌建,即根據此一模式比照辦理。


為 了長此以往,也為了孩子的將來著想,基金會認為以個別認養方式較為妥當。由本會在海內外徵召有心人士,透過該員與所認養的學生單獨直接交往。一方面捐献人 可以進一步深入了解認養學生的需要和確實掌握捐款的流向,另一方面由於人性的接觸和情感的交流,彼此在良性互動中更能加深信任。不僅使那些可憐的孩子感受 人間有愛、未來並不那麼悲哀,而且由於認養人對他們的安慰和鼓勵及課業上的指導,更可以使他們在讀書求學與做人處事方面獲得莫大助益。






US $220.00